Benefits of Living South of the Border in Mexico

Just across our southern border, Mexico beckons with beautiful tropical scenery, great weather, a fabulous quality of life, a wonderfully low cost of living, and awesome investment opportunities. What more could you ask for? How about inexpensive dental work, medical services and prescription medication as well as high market appreciation of real estate? You’ll find all this and more south of the border, and Mexico is “closer than ever,” according to the Mexican Tourism Association.


What to Expect in Mexico

Some people are surprised to find that roads, communications and health care facilities in Mexico are equivalent to those found in the United States. The Mexican government’s infrastructure improvement plan has resulted in better telecommunications and easier travel around the country. In fact, several international airports exist to get you anywhere in the world you’d like to go quickly, and improved ports are increasing commerce exponentially. It all adds up to easy living, low costs and ease of doing business if you are so inclined. Of course, if lazy beach life is what you’re looking for, you’ll find that here too—especially in resort areas like Cabo San Lucas.

Low Mexican Cost of Living

Almost all goods and services cost less in Mexico, including restaurant meals and groceries. You’ll find fresh fruit like oranges and mangos for about a quarter per pound and a kilo (just over 2 pounds) of avocados for about $1.50. So, whip up your best margarita and guacamole recipes, and find a comfortable and scenic spot to enjoy them.

Real estate is one of the greatest bargains in Mexico. You might choose to rent a home or invest in real estate in the country. Either way, your budget just got a great boost. Beachside towns offer great bargains, for land. And with skilled labor being offered at a fraction of the cost of labor in the USA, Americans can build their beautiful dream homes for less than $400,000. Indulge your dream of waking up on the beach in an American enclave, without having to pay multi-million dollar prices.

Luxury items that were out of reach “back home” suddenly are well within your means. You can even hire household help so that you have more time to relax, golf, work on your tan and enjoy your south-of-the-border lifestyle.

The average couple can live comfortably in Mexico for well under $2,500 per month; that sum includes a nice house, lots of restaurant meals, entertainment and a live-in housekeeper.


World-Class Health Care

Contrary to what you may think, Mexican health care is typically very good to excellent. Medical professionals such as doctors and dentists spend time training in the United States or Europe, and lots of American doctors train in Mexico as well. First-rate hospitals are found in each medium- to large-sized city, and the costs are generally about half what you would pay for the same care in the United States, including prescription drugs. Dental care is an even bigger bargain, with quality work costing a fraction of what it does north of the border.


Amazing Quality of Life

Anyone who’s visited Mexico realizes that everything moves a little slower. That’s part of the charm! The country is stunningly beautiful, with amazing vistas; cities offer modern conveniences and centuries of culture to explore.

You won’t give up much of anything when you move to Mexico. With its proximity to the United States, you’ll find excellent Internet and TV services as well as other modern comforts we’re accustomed to in the states. Enjoy the added bonus of the dynamic Mexican culture.

Mexico is ideal for people of all ages. Whether you’re a young Internet guru or a retired couple ready to spend your leisure time together, Mexico offers a lot to love and the best of both worlds. Besides the easy lifestyle, resort areas in Southern Baja offer exciting potential for returns on investment, especially for those who want to diversify holdings from stocks, bonds, and investments in the USA.

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