Costa Rica – Best sports fishing in the World

Costa Rica – Best sports fishing in the World

If your dream retirement is to spend everyday on the water fishing, then you need to look closely at beautiful Costa Rica. This eco-paradise offers some of the best fishing in the World!

With 95 World Records caught in Costa Rica’s inland and coastal waters, we are now calling Costa Rica one of the top sport-fishing destinations in the world. It’s no wonder why so many expats are now choosing Costa Rica as their retirement paradise.

With two expansive coastlines, extensive wetlands, and multiple rivers, Costa Rica could very well be an angler’s nirvana. Often called the most ecology-conscious country on the planet, Costa Rica focuses on the preservation of its fishing resources and local customs encourage fishermen to release all billfish and non-edible fish.

Costa Rica is best known for marlin. The strikingly beautiful blue marlin is one of the largest fish species known to man. Marlins average 11 feet long and weigh between 200 and 400 pounds! In February 2014, sport-fishermen everywhere were astounded when a fisherman hooked and landed an albino marlin in Costa Rica.

Sailfish are other popular sport-fishing targets. A sailfish resembles a marlin on the surface, but sailfish rarely exceed 10 feet in length. Both fish are known for their exciting, acrobatic leaps from the water and their blinding speed. Fishermen will also find massive amounts of dorado, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo offshore in Costa Rica.


Pacific Coast Fishing Spots

Record-breaking offshore sailfish, marlin, dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna make the Pacific Coast famous for all serious fishing enthusiasts. Closer to shore, expect to reel in roosterfish, snook, and snapper. Those who retire in Costa Rica can arrange fishing charters all along the Pacific coast with local fishing experts based on their preferences.


Los Suenos Marina, Central Pacific

The Los Suenos Marina is located right next door to Los Suenos Resort in the Jaco and Herradura area. It offers unequaled luxury in vibrant tropical settings. Los Suenos is currently the only government-sanctioned marina operating in Costa Rica with a full-service port for luxury sport fishing boats. Fishermen head to the Jaco and Heradura area in their search for marlin and roosterfish.


Crocodile Bay Sportfishing Resort, Osa Peninsula

The Crocodile Bay Sportfishing Resort is nestled in the remote Osa Peninsula. Visitors will find a deluxe ecolodge that caters to the sport-fishing enthusiast. They offer inshore, offshore, kayak, and shore fishing. Crocodile Bay has an impressive fleet of over 40 private fishing boats. Pacific sailfish are brought in year-round, with numbers as high as 10-15 per day in the winter. Inshore fishing inside the Gulfo Dulce brings up fish like trevally, grouper, snapper, bluefin, and roosterfish. Outside the Gulfo Dulce, fisherman can bring up black marlin, striped marlin, blue sailfish, and more.


 Marina Papagayo, Papagayo Peninsula

The Marina Papagayo on the Papagayo Peninsula, the newest marina in the country, has an environmentally-conscious blueprint. Situated directly next to the Andaz Papagayo Resort in Culebra Bay, this marina is capable of holding even super-yachts up to 220’ in length. Fishermen looking for marlin, roosterfish, and tuna will enjoy the pristine waters near Papagayo.


Quepos, Central Pacific

The port town of Quepos is a world-famous sport-fishing destination on the central Pacific coast. Known as the sailfish capital of the world, Quepos is also excellent for anglers looking to land roosterfish, snapper, dorado, and marlin. Choose offshore and inshore fishing for half and full day fishing excursions.


Marina Pez Vela, Central Pacific

Marina Pez Vela, located in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area, was home of the 2014 Offshore World Championship. While less luxurious, this marina hosts charter boats for a wide variety of activities including fishing, snorkeling, and diving. Marlin and roosterfish are common in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio area.


Inland Fishing: Catch-and-Release on Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal is the largest lake in the country, sitting at the base of the Arenal volcano. With its abundance of fresh-water guapote or rainbow bass, Lake Arenal is one of the most popular inland fishing destinations in Costa Rica. Other fish that populate Lake Arenal include the fighting machaca.


Northern Caribbean Coast Fishing

The Northern Caribbean, where the Rio San Juan and Rio Colorado empty into the sea create wetlands that are well known for tarpon and snook. Fishermen can also plan on hooking dorado, gaspar, and tuna.

With so many options, retirees who want to enjoy their retirement years in a fishing paradise have to consider Costa Rica. It’s one of the gems of the Caribbean, with an amazing opportunity to take advantage of offshore fishing, lake fishing, fly fishing, and many other activities. Contact Buy International if you want to learn more about available real investment opportunities.


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