Your Retirement Paradise in Mexico

Mexico is perfect for retirees. It boasts inexpensive medical services and medicines, a low cost of living, beautiful weather, and amazing views everywhere you look in this tropical paradise. If it’s time to retire, it’s time to explore Mexico!


Investing in Real Estate in Mexico

Even if you are not quite ready to retire to a life of sipping umbrella drinks on the beach yet, the investment opportunities in Mexican real estate are worth taking a look at. Home appreciation in Mexico has hovered around 5% per year for the last decade. This is a much higher yield than you can expect from your bank these days. Since it’s real estate, Mexican land is a more secure investment than the stock market. Consider Mexican real estate as an alternative to volatile stock prices and sleepy bond yields in the US.

If you’re not ready to retire in Mexico, use your real estate investments to collect rental income on your property. You could Air-B-N-B a property you develop, allowing you to pay off the mortgage or put money in your bank account. Don’t worry if you aren’t close enough to handle rental transactions yourself. Many reputable real estate professionals are happy to help you manage your property.


Why Consider Retiring to Mexico?

There are a gazillion reasons that make Mexico one of the very best places for retirement. It’s close enough to the United States to make travel and visiting family and friends easy, but also a world away in terms of culture. Modern amenities abound. They come with the charm of Mexican history and culture, as well as stunning natural beauty. Add the benefits of first-rate health and dental care available at bargain prices. You’ll also find inexpensive utilities, and an abundance of fresh and healthy foods at great prices. Mexico offers reliable Internet and TV services, and year-round moderate weather. It all adds up to an easy way of living that is especially well-suited for people who want an easy and affordable retirement.

According to statistics website Statista, average home pricing in Mexico was far less than in the USA. Of course, there are homes in all price ranges. Properties in tourist areas and closer to the beach will cost a little more, but those properties also offer the benefit of upside potential. For instance, there are not many neighborhoods in the U.S. as picturesque as those in Cabo San Lucas. Shrewd investors are buying land in oceanfront communities, then employing skilled Mexican labor to build extraordinary homes at a cost that is far less than a typical track home in Southern California. Clearly, you get a lot for your money in Mexican real estate, and the upside potential is attractive.

If living somewhere that doesn’t snow, or getting so cold that you feel like the wind is whipping right through you, Mexico should be the first place you look. Build your new home and enjoy your new life in sunshine!

Once you see all that Mexico offers, you probably won’t want to look anyplace else. The only questions will be along the lines of what you want to build in a beachside town. Does it make sense to build a multi-unit condo that will provide income for your retirement, or does it make more sense to develop a single-family residence that your family can enjoy for generations. Real estate offers enormous upside value in Mexico and the growing population of retiring baby boomers translates into enormous investment opportunities for at least the next 20 years.

The buyer’s market that exists is ripe for you to find your perfect place in the sun. Relax and enjoy yourself. Stock up on sunscreen and flip flops, buy yourself a hammock, and get ready to laze away your days catching up on all your favorite authors while your Mexican real estate projects appreciate!


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