Ready to explore the tropical paradise of Belize?

Ready to branch out and explore a tropical paradise? Then consider Belize!

In Belize, it’s all about the laidback lifestyle. Look forward to year-round sunshine, soft sandy beaches, and temperatures that soothe your skin in the very comfortable 80s. Breathe cool, clean air from tropical breezes.


Belize is a country where residents place a high value on privacy, freedom, and independence. Enjoy miles of clean sandy beaches one day. On the next, tour the beauty of lush gardens, pristine rain forests, or rich, fertile farmland. It’s a paradise of rivers, waterfalls, and underwater caves. But it’s also the land of hammocks, margaritas, and year-round flip-flops.

By building your home in Belize, you’ll leave all the stress behind to enjoy a wonderland for your retirement years.


Regardless of where you stand, white sandy beaches are only footsteps away. Stay young and active, beginning your day by swimming in warm, translucent, Caribbean waters. Dry off to enjoy a healthy breakfast of succulent fruits. Then plan a full day of activities that suit you.


You can hike in lush jungles, watching extraordinarily colorful birds and wildlife dart through the greenest landscape you can imagine. Or you can explore the incredible home of ancient Mayan civilizations. You’ll never tire of learning from the amazing architecture that has stood for more than 500 years.


Those who enjoy fishing will consider Belize a gift from God. The country has natural elements that bring fish to its coastline. There is the world-famous Belize Barrier reef, one of the largest coral structures in the world. That giant reef stretches along the entire coast of Belize, supplying both nutrients and shelter to a wide range of smaller fish and crustaceans. They attract the big game fish, like Marlins, Sailfish, Tuna, King Mackerel, and Wahoos. Hooking those big-game species reinvigorate any fishing enthusiast. They’re so much fun to catch and release, or to land and frame as trophies that you’ll hang for bragging rights above your mantel. Imagine the joy of landing the largest game fish in the Caribbean! When you want a change from open-sea fishing, cast your lines into one of the countless lagoons. They’re stocked with more fish than you could catch in a lifetime. Another option includes fishing the endless string of freshwater rivers and estuaries—all of them packed with diverse marine life, including snook, snapper, jack, and tarpon. No wonder Belize is the fly-fishing capital of the planet.


Besides enjoying lifestyle benefits, find investment opportunities that bring a deeper and more lasting satisfaction than the stock market could ever hope to offer. Take some of those gains from the past decade off the table. Use past profits to plant your seeds in your own garden, leaving a legacy that your heirs will always enjoy. Own real estate in fee-simple title—just as in the states—that easily passes down from one generation to the next.


With minimal restrictions, Belize offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and those who want to enjoy a stress-free retirement. English is the official language, and the country welcomes those who want to establish foreign residency. Laws are so relaxed that Belize allows retirees to bring all of their belongings from the states, without any need for paying duty or importation taxes. It’s a land of opportunity, a retirement haven that doesn’t burden residents with income taxes.

Come to Belize! It’s one of the world’s top retirement destinations, and one of the best lifestyle investments you could ever make.

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