Why Anne chose to live in Belize

Anne Offered Several Reasons She Chose Belize for her Retirement Years

We recently sat down with Anne Smith, an American citizen who chose to make her home in Belize. She gave us feedback on her experiences of making the big move.

The first time Ann flew into the beautiful country of Belize, she fell in love. From her seat on a small plane, she gazed down at crystal clear Caribbean waters and waves breaking on the Mesoamerican Reef—one of the largest in the world.

The beauty she saw everywhere overwhelmed her, especially the lush landscape and stunning seascapes. Anne knew that retiring in Belize would be a dream come true. After touring different areas, she chose a coastal community in the southern part of the country and purchased land. With lower labor costs, she was able to build a home she loved at a far lower price than she was accustomed to paying for construction in the states.

Anne saw Belize as a stunningly beautiful country with unrivaled natural beauty. “The magnificence of the country is apparent everywhere!” Besides enjoying the many exquisite beaches, Anne loved exploring. She’s toured lush rainforests and Mayan ruins, hiked up mountains, floated down winding rivers, and swam in serene lagoons.

Belize’s natural barrier reef is a living ecosystem that feeds every type of marine life. Crustaceans and small fish feed off the reef, and big game fish feed off of the smaller fish. Ann loves to watch the colorful birds, the trees, the flowers, and the infinite number of animals in the wild jungles. She interacts with the productive Mennonite culture and makes friends with locals.

Anne loves the comfortable weather, with average temperatures in the 80s. Compared to the frigid weather of her previous home in Ohio, she prefers Belize. It is just right for all of the time that she spends outdoors. Belize keeps her young with daily activities such as walking, swimming, biking, hiking, and fishing. With so many activities to fill her days, Anne has a large group of friends in her community. She socializes while sitting outdoors, sipping rum cocktails and listening to exotic birds from her veranda.

Anne’s health improved since moving to Belize, she said. After selling her business, she wanted to retire. But she didn’t want to lead a sedentary life, waiting for a transition to a nursing home as she aged. Instead, she became more active and experienced a resurgence of energy. No more arthritis! She bought fresh, healthy food that the Mennonite community farmed. Local fishermen sold fresh fish right on the beach. Some days, she caught her own fish in streams, rivers, or lagoons. Anne completely cut out processed foods from her diet. That change cut her food budget considerably and brought the unexpected benefit of weight loss!

Anne’s healthier living habits led to plenty of vitamin D, lower levels of stress, and lower blood pressure. Her doctor told Anne that she has found the elixir that everyone wants—a happy, healthy lifestyle!

Ann also appreciates the ease with which she can travel around the country to explore different regions. She can also hop on an international flight and return to Miami or Houston in about two hours for a visit with her grandchildren. More often than not, they come to visit her!

Belize is a cultural melting pot of peaceful, laidback people. Anne loves the diversity. Different ancestries offer a rich social life, as she mixes and cultivates friendships with people from Mayan, Mestizo, Mennonite, Kriol, Garifuna, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern cultures. “Everyone gets along amazingly well. The beauty of Belize brings out the best in people. They’re friendly, helpful, tolerant, and high energy,” she says. Since Belize is an English speaking country, Anne had no problem adjusting to her new life in paradise.

The Belizean laws made it easy for Anne to make the transition. She brought her car, her household goods, and she even shipped a boat to Belize without having to pay any duty or import taxes. By showing a few thousand dollars in monthly income, Anne qualified for the country’s retirement program that encourages foreigners to build their lives in Belize. Best of all, Anne has no income tax obligation in Belize.

With fewer restrictions on business, Anne keeps her mind active as an entrepreneur. She uses Internet connectivity to build online businesses that allow her to earn a comfortable living. Instead of commuting through heavy traffic, she conducts her business in flip-flops and casual, summer attire while using her laptop computer. Tropical breezes keep her cool and refreshed until it’s margarita time!

There’s a lot to love about Belize. Explore it!

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