Worried About Taxes? Check out Belize!

Are you getting ready to pay your capital gains tax or the usual taxes on your properties? Even if your business does well, are you still paying double like every other S-Corp shareholder and owner?

We hope you’re saving your pennies to pay Uncle Sam his portion of all that great planning on your part.

You can stop paying these taxes and avoid Old-Man Winter, all while never being stuck in a traffic jam again.

Simply retire to the paradise of Belize.


No, you’re not Dreaming — Just Investing in the Wrong Place!

You’re paying all those taxes because you’re investing in the standard U.S. market. In this market, “the house” (also known as “Uncle Sam”) always wins.

Look outside the United States! We’re not talking about going to the Cayman Islands. They’re way too expensive and they attract IRS scrutiny…We’re talking about Belize!

Belize evolved from an old British colony into an investment haven for Europeans and Americans. It’s still part of the British Commonwealth, just like Canada. You wouldn’t be going into the uncivilized jungle. No! You’re just being smarter than your friends by finding better yields on your money. Keep it all! Relax!


Where is Belize?

Politically, Belize is a constitutional republic. Geographically, it’s a coastal paradise on the Caribbean. It’s situated between the Yucatan of Mexico and Guatemala. Belize has been an extremely popular vacation spot for Europeans for decades. Now it tops many lists of retirement locations today for all Americans.


But Why Go There?

It’s simple. Belize is both a tax haven and an investor’s paradise. Anyone who lives or moves there can receive Qualified Retired Person or “QRP” benefits.

From the Tax Side of the Ledger

  1. Live in Belize for half the year and become a QRP. The first $14,500 of your income tax is exempt, regardless of where you earned it. If you put the rest of your income into an international business corporation and live off the dividends, those dividends are entirely tax-free too!
  2. Property tax costs just 1 to 1.5% of the total value of your undeveloped land, not the house that sits on it. That usually costs under $100 a year if you have a four-bedroom, American-style home.
  3. Belize has no capital-gains tax, so you can invest in U.S. companies and keep it all.

From the Investment Side of the Ledger

  1. Current U.S. Treasuries pay a minuscule 1.25 percent. How good are the bank’s interest rates in Belize? How does 11 percent sound?
  2. Real estate is similar to everywhere else except for the pricing. High-end, oceanfront homes in Northern Belize sell for $350,000 while inland homes in the Southern part sell for just 30 percent of that. Real Estate appreciation is faster in the South due to the lower prices in places like Hopkins and Placencia. Prices dropped after the ’08 crash but have completely rebounded in the 10 years since. The land in a gated community with amenities in those areas will cost you about $100,000 and construction starts at $100 per square foot. Plus, there are no real restrictions on what you can build (Belize values independence and non-governmental interference!)
  3. For the commercial developer, there are also plenty of opportunities. 

Now ask yourself, why pay all that tax just to shovel snow in the winter? Where’s the logic in that?



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