The dream of living and retiring overseas or investing in international real estate is now easier than ever. With Buy International our goal is to help you find your piece of paradise overseas while keeping your safety, security, and wallet in mind.

Welcome to Buy International and thank you for visiting our informative website. We are dedicated to helping you find your dream overseas destination – that piece of paradise where you can live and retire comfortably. At Buy International we are a team of seasoned travel and real estate professionals who provide valuable services, such as unbiased information and real estate advice for those looking to move abroad. We cover topics such as costs of living, health care, lifestyle, and focus on being a real estate resource to help you navigate through the intricacies of acquiring international property.

Purchasing international real estate can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With Buy International it is our goal to make your decision making process an easy one.  We choose the world’s top international destinations and break it down into lifestyle, living and retirement.  In many instances we have established strategic relationships with real estate professionals and developers, while providing insight into local real estate trends and developments. Your happiness, safety and wallet are all things we keep in mind as we navigate you towards the final destination of home ownership abroad.

Best Places to Retire

Consider Buy International as one of the best online resources for unbiased opinions on international living, retirement destinations and real estate opinions. We endeavor to provide unlimited resources on some of the top retirement destinations in the world, while sharing with you all the natural beauty, cultural interests and activities each country has to offer.


Real Estate

Relocating and retiring to your dream international destination will require some investment in Real Estate. At Buy International we strive to provide a hassle-free experience for you in locating and deciding on the best country that will suit your budget. Criteria such as lifestyle, cost of living, and things to do, are all factors we take into consideration.


Things To Do

Infinite adventures await you no matter which international destination you decide upon. Whether hiking through lush topical jungles scattered across undulating volcanic terrain teeming with exotic and endangered animal species, to exploring breathtaking coral reefs and tropical islands of the equatorial belt, your future home will be a haven of unforgettable experiences.

Best of Belize

Explore the tropical paradise of Belize?

In Belize, it’s all about the laidback lifestyle. Look forward to year-round sunshine, soft sandy beaches, and temperatures that soothe your skin in the very comfortable 80s. Breathe cool, clean air from tropical breezes.

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Good Life in Mexico

Benefits of Living South of the Border in Mexico

Just across our southern border, Mexico beckons with beautiful tropical scenery, great weather, a fabulous quality of life, a wonderfully low cost of living, and awesome investment opportunities. What more could you ask for?

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Tropical Costa Rica

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Do you dream of spending your days at a tropical beach with a pina colada in hand? Well we’ve done our research and found the best beaches in Costa Rica, convincing us that this eco-paradise is a must see for retirees and second home buyers.

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Belize Money Matters

Worried About Taxes? Check out Belize!

Are you getting ready to pay your capital gains tax or the usual taxes on your properties? Even if your business does well, are you still paying double like every other S-Corp shareholder and owner?

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BUY International’s Favorite Picks for 2018



The Bahamas is well renowned as the maritime playground of the Caribbean, with a breathtaking expanse of subtropical islands that stretch across miles of warm, turquoise waters. The Bahamas has over 700 majestic islands and 2400 cays, most uninhabited, and all are surrounded by spectacular reefs and vast ocean trenches. Only a short flight from most international airports within the US, The Bahamas is a natural favorite for many a discerning people.


The beautiful country of Mexico is a vast land rich in cultural history. A land of mysticism that extends back to the ancient Mayan Civilizations that once dominated this region. Its immense natural beauty expands from its eastern shores of the tropical Caribbean across miles of open jungle and desert to the majestic beaches of the Pacific seaboard. For many it is a short distance to many wonderful locations within cultural mecca.


The small, yet majestic country of Belize is an unexplored tropical oasis for many of those looking to move overseas. A country that offers profound natural beauty both on land and at sea. A true paradise among eco-adventurers and nature enthusiasts, the country is a haven for tourists who flock down to explore the Belize Barrier Reef and the ruins of ancient Mayan Civilizations. It has become one of the top retirement destinations among many Americans.

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